Our specialisms

Our seasoned expertise within our specialisms guarantees the best possible support for our clients.

Corporate Criminal Law

The ongoing rise of economic crime cases within both a Germany-wide and international context has witnessed our growing involvement in the defence of related legal action. Crucial to any defence in this realm is a profound knowledge of economic correlations and the creative potential which defines these, in addition to the restrictions that apply to them. 

Clients and colleagues alike recognise that our particular level of expertise in corporate criminal law and in civil law substantiates the quality of our consultancy services. 

We have been entrusted with cases that featured prominently in the media and are connected to accusations of a breach of trust, tax evasion, allegations of fraud, labour law issues, corruption claims, and more.

D & O Liability Insurance

Our corporate criminal law activities have led to an increase in clients seeking advice in connection with Directors & Officers Liability Insurance. This calls for handling not only criminal law-relevant issues, but also liability-related aspects for corporate bodies. We advise an international insurance group in this specialty field by drawing on our economic expertise.

Company Law

In over 25 years of working as notaries public, we have dealt with numerous incorporations, mergers & acquisitions and structural as well as forensic support for businesses, with a growing focus on compliance requirements.